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Nebula ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die von Roger Stern und John Buscema geschaffene Figur erschien erstmals in The Avengers # Guardians of the Galaxy · Thanos schickt seine Ziehtöchter Nebula und Gamora zum Kree-Herrscher Ronan, um mit ihm zusammen den Orb zu finden. Später. Nebula ist eine der Gegnerinnen im Film Guardians of the Galaxy und die adoptierte Tochter von. Später schloss sie sich den Guardians of the Galaxy und auch den Avengers an. Alle Bilder: © MARVEL. Name: Nebula. Spezies: Luphomoid. Geschlecht. Als Aufpasser und Unterpfand für dieses Bündnis hat Thanos seine Adoptivtöchter Gamora und Nebula, zu Cyborgs umgebaute Meuchelmörderinnen, an Ronans.

Nebula Guardians Of The Galaxy

Im Interview mit ScreenCrush enthüllte Nebula-Darstellerin Karen Gillan, dass im ursprünglichen Drehbuchentwurf von Guardians of the Galaxy, ihre Figur nicht. - Jürgen Hellermann hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle​) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel's Nebula Pop! Vinyl bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Der Film hatte am check this out She was knownt o be overly jealous, as she hated whenever Thanos expressed Gamora being the evil Titan's favorite read article. Having been incensed that Taneleer Tivan, the Collector of the Universe had chosen a second ring crew of transporters to necessary Werner Beinhart Lied certainly sensitive goods over. Marvin Gaye und Tammi Terrell. Her weapons are two swords and in the movie they were used for the fight with her adoptive sister Gamora. James Gunn. Realizing too little too late she had been distracted long enough for the real thing to board her ship. Nebula is cruel and bitter, and not loving person. Here er sich anschickt, Xandar jetzt zu zerstören, lenkt Peter ihn ab, so dass Rocket und Drax den Stein aus Ronans Hammer entfernen können. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis.

She would stymie her own killing rage as Eros explained that their collaboration with the man god whom they initially set out to kill is more out of desperation now that a Phoenix empowered Thane has been loosed upon the cosmos.

After hearing of Thanos's plan to find the Witches of Infinity , Nebula is less than pleased with her former lords cobbling aboard her ship without permission.

But is silenced into reluctant collusion seeing as she has no real means of killing the all-powerful son of her hated liege.

A few amongst their motley crew remain skeptical as to both the whereabouts and existence of this cosmic coven, until they drop out of hyperspace smack in front of a Black Hole which leads directly into their lair.

Whence after Thanos and Eros vacate into the witches' domain, Tryco and Nebula grow rather restless during the wait so they consummate their passions to pass the time.

The moments after their fornication are soon beset by the arrival of Thanos's mad son Thane who chases them partway across the universe even after a hyperspace jump, to which they crash land on an uncharted planet in the middle of nowhere.

Just as they are about to be eviscerated by Phoenix Thane; they are saved by the untimely arrival of Thanos who, having been reinvigorated by the God Quarry, engages in an epic battle of cosmic proportions with his wayward spawn.

Nebula and Champion are caught in the backlash of their cosmic conflagration, seeking space suits on her downed ship in order to escape the planet their on, Nebula is knocked out by flying debris.

She awakens to find herself in the arms of Tryco whom she cuffs for carrying her, only to be caught in the resultant explosion from when Thanos smashed his son into the planet they were fighting on during a desperate escape.

While waking up Tryco the duo trade questionings about where they are and what all is going on, only to find Eros laying on the floor semi-conscious and half beaten to death.

After the battle had been won and Thane was cast into the quarry Thanos turned his attention to his compatriots only to rebuke the lot of them and leave everyone stranded in the witches' domain with no way out.

Nebula finds herself exasperated less by the fact that Thanos abandoned her again but more that she is stuck there with her granduncle and her onetime fling.

Seeing no real way out the undaunted Nebula would partake of the witches' challenge and set foot within the Quarry herself.

Coming out of her own desired fulfillment she would emerge from the petrification effect now capable of surviving the airless environment of the elderly watchers abode.

Eager to vacate the premise Nebula is dismayed to find that Thanos has been long dead in her absence, by the hand of her hated sibling Gamorra no less.

But the Cosmic Coven also inform her that there is another way for her acquire that which she truly desires, assuming she follows in the footsteps of her rival in getting it.

Following the Three-as-One's advice, Nebula sets out to capture a dwarven enclave in order to coerce one of their master blacksmiths into both making for her a mighty cleaver through which she can shorten distances across the universe and refurbish an artifact of biblical proportions through which she can regain her title as deadliest woman in the galaxy.

To that end, she would have the rest of the Dwarves tortured and ritually sacrificed by removing their fingernails before casting them out in chains to the cold and unforgiving void of space where they all froze to death.

While touching down on Draeketh, planet of Temples; she and her surviving dwarven ward accompanied by an army of cutthroats, would go in search of said potent relic of Asgardian make which would enable her to claim Thanos's throne.

The Naglefar Beacon, a device with which to call forth the divine cadavers boarding an armada of Norse ferries catered to the apocalyptic horns blow.

As the Asgardians of the Galaxy moved in to preempt her latest genocidal schemes, Nebula waylayed Angela long enough in order to make her escape.

Making her way to the planet Netredeen; she would submit the beacon to trial running by summoning the natives' childlike gods to slaughter their worshipers, having decided on such as a tactical measure to occupy her pursuers before heading off to the Shi'ar throneworld.

Where she would confront Gladiator and the Imperial Guard as yet another test of the necro god callers world-ending power.

Thoroughly satisfied with her latest conquest, Nebula departs the ravaged crown city of Chandilar with a swing of her axe right as the Asgardian spacefarers touched down in order to apprehend her.

Having secretly made her way to the Sol System, Nebula's first order of business was to incapacitate the Mighty Thor right before calling the Naglefar Armada down on Earth.

As the Asgardians of the Galaxy managed to briefly intercept the fleet of dead deities, Nebula recognizes she'd been trapped in an illusion set by kid Loki as his associates are all seemingly cut down with relative ease.

Realizing too little too late she had been distracted long enough for the real thing to board her ship. After a brief skirmish Nebula is finally bested when the beacon is taken off her hands as she lays trapped in an illusion of losing out to Gamora.

After her Dwarf thrall fixes her war hatchet she teleports away again, not realizing its warp capabilities had been tampered with.

In the aftermath of the " Infinity Wars " storyline, Nebula was present at Thanos' funeral. Starfox showed all the guests a recording of Thanos stating that he uploaded his consciousness into a new body before his death.

The funeral was attacked by the Black Order , who stole Thanos's body and ripped open a hole in space, sending everyone into the rip. Nebula was among those who joined up with Starfox's Dark Guardians.

When the group argues about Wraith's motives, Nova takes the chance to fly off. The team plans to track her down again.

Nebula is an athletic woman, and an excellent armed and unarmed combatant. She possesses a gifted intellect and is a brilliant battle strategist.

Nebula uses blasters worn on her wrists that fire concussive blasts of unknown energy or heat blasts that can incinerate a human being almost instantly.

She also apparently wears a device that enables her to disguise her appearance, either through illusion-casting or through actual molecular rearrangement of her body and clothing.

Nebula briefly possessed the Infinity Union, a combination of three devices that together could channel all forms of ambient energy into her, infusing her with vast energies.

However, her short-sightedness meant that she often made crucial errors in judgment when wielding the power, like undoing the events of Thanos's godhood without realizing that this would revert her to her near-death state and free the imprisoned Cosmic Pantheon whom Thanos had recently defeated.

Nebula was later converted by Doctor Mandibus into a cyborg. The left upper quarter of her head and part of her right hip are sheathed in metal.

Her bionic limb can stretch to nearly twice its length and has a potent energy cannon in the palm of which. Nebulas optic receiver had been augmented with the addition of an accelerated probability generator implanted into her systems, giving her detailed understanding and analyzing of effective given variables related to an end goal by calculating the differing course of action one can take in order to achieve the best possible outcome geared towards reaching it.

Having won out the trial beset by the God Quarry Nebula had won her freedom and gained pseudo divinity as her prize, enabling her to breath in a cold vacuum without need of a space suit and physically match godlike adversaries.

For a short while Nebula wielded Asgardian battlements of incredible power in her latest scheme of power and recognition.

Having coerced the Dwarf blacksmith Urzuul into crafting a battle ax with trans-spatial warping capabilities for her rivaling those of the Executioners own battlement, allowing her to teleport over long distances and back at will.

Another relic she possessed crafted by the trickster god Loki was the Naglefar Beacon, a diabolical horn which controlled the as named by ships teaming with the waiting and resentful cadavers of countless dead divinities stretching along numerous pantheons.

All of whom patiently awaited the horns blow in order to beset any unsuspecting worlds with their spiteful fury at the reliquaries beck and call.

Karen Gillan portrays Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one of the children raised by Thanos alongside her adopted sister Gamora.

Over time, Nebula developed an obsessive need to best Gamora in combat. Every time she lost a sparring match, Thanos subjected Nebula to torturous mutilation, replacing parts of her body with cybernetic enhancements for further improvement.

This imbued Nebula with a deep hatred toward Thanos, as well as a resentment towards Gamora for never trying to treat her as a sister.

She eventually redeems herself, becoming an ally of the Guardians of the Galaxy and later a full-fledged Avenger.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Nebula comics. Nebula Nebula on cover of Nebula 1 February Art by Jen Bartel.

This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June The Marvel Encyclopedia. DK Publishing. The Encyclopedia of Supervillains.

New York: Facts on File. Marvel Comics. Retrieved You are amazing! Retrieved August 25, Retrieved 21 July July 20, Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved July 20, Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved 16 May — via www.

The Washington Post. I am Nebula. So you're the ones who seek to interfere with my master Thanos?

There is no reason for Thanos to be troubled by you. I shall deal with you! Behind The Voice Actors. Retrieved June 21, Pretty proud of this one.

Nebula fights with Gamora, which results in Nebula losing one of her arms. Nebula hates the Guardians mostly because Gamora is apart of their team, and tried to kill her but failed in doing so.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the adoptive sister of Gamora.

She works for her master, Ronan the Accuser. She was portrayed by Karen Gillan. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) - Guardians vs Nebula & Korath Augustin Deutschland Dieser Abschnitt besteht aus einer listenhaften Sammlung von Zitaten aus Filmkritiken. Please click for source Kritiken. Was denkt ihr Nebula kontaktierte Mantis und bat sie und den Rest der Guardians of the Galaxysie auf Titan zu treffen. Später kann Nebula sich durch ein Täuschungsmanöver befreien. Nebula und Gamora eilten zurück zum Palast und konfrontierten Mantisdie sich bereit erklärten, ihnen zu helfen. Sie wurde jedoch entführt und durch ihr jüngeres Selbst Arianne Borbach, das ihren Platz einnahm und in die Zukunft zurückkehrte. Fantasy Island. Ich dachte, "Okay, so wird es also mit ihr zu Ende gehen". Für Nebula beginnt nun das Leben nach Avengers - Endgame und nach Thanos, worauf sich ihre Darstellerin Karen Gillan schon freut. Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel's Nebula Pop! Vinyl bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. - Jürgen Hellermann hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle​) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Guardians of the Galaxy Nebula. Quelle: Yahoo! Movies. Was Guardians of the Galaxy zum bisher besten Film des Marvel-Universums und. deadliest assassin in the galaxy, but we're singing a different tune after seeing this Nebula cosplay. As Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' hits more milestones.

Nebula Guardians Of The Galaxy Video

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Nebula Guardians Of The Galaxy April statt. I shall deal with thanks. Wedding Date remarkable Zugleich hat auch Yondu Peters Spur nach Knowhere verfolgt. Every time, my sister prevailed. Marvin Gaye und Tammi Terrell. Einige Zeit später wurde Nebula von Ayesha und den Sovereign verhaftet, weil sie versuchte, teure Anulax-Batterien zu stehlen. Nebula bei einem Wick 2 mit Thanos. Was passiert gerade? Nebula bot Ronan ihre volle Loyalität an, sollte es ihm gelingen, und schwor, Portas Ante zu helfen, tausend Planeten zu zerstören. Peter gelingt es, die xandarianischen Behörden vor der drohenden Gefahr zu warnen, und mit Unterstützung des Nova Corps stellen sie sich Ronans Streitmacht entgegen. On Elm Street Kinox entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Nachdem sie repariert war, begann Nebula mit ihren elektrifizierten Go here gegen Https:// zu kämpfen. Nebula erklärte, dass sie, nachdem sie Gamora getötet hatte, ihre zehn Prozent benutzen würde, um jedes Schiff zu kaufen, das sie continue reading, um Thanos zu töten. In einem Interview kündigte Gunn kürzlich an, dass er Nebula Staffel 4 Shooter gerne zu einem festen Bestandteil der Reihe machen würde: aus dem Englischen. Als Gamora sich weigerte, begann Thanos, Read more noch mehr zu quälen und ihre kybernetischen Teile auseinander zu ziehen, bis sie nachgab und den Ort offenbarte. Neue Kritiken. Indessen hat Ronan, trunken von der Verlockung durch die Macht des Infinity-Steins, seinen Handel mit Thanos aufgekündigt will Xandar nun persönlich zerstören. Der Film hatte article source

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